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 Starting young 

It's never too early to expose children to music. I believe the earlier they can experience music, the better. Children can begin listening, moving, singing and using rhythm instruments at an early age. If you have a young child and are interested in exposing them to music, contact me for a free trial lesson.  

 Piano Lessons 

Do you have a child interested in taking piano lessons? For beginners, lessons start at weekly 30 minute lessons, consisting of time spent on technique, theory, note reading and more as the student advances. Some students may take lessons for leisure at a somewhat laid back pace, only participating in recitals; while other students may take a more focused path and participate in recitals, festivals, competitions and more. Regardless of the path chosen, I enjoy tailoring the time and lessons to the students needs and desires while making music learning fun and enjoyable.

What is expected of    
students and parents? 

The success of music lessons is based on the involvement of teacher, child and parent. At the end of each weekly lesson, students will be assigned what to work on which may include music to practice, ways in which to practice, theory homework, technique exercises, etc. When a parent is supportive and part of a child's musical journey, it can make their experience an even more enjoyable and successful one. Sometimes this may be helping to create a consistent practice schedule. Other times, this may be encouragement and having an interest in their musical learning. Let's work together to make music a wonderful experience for your child!

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