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Monica has gentleness and patience like no other. My daughter has been taking lessons with her for 3.5 years. It is never a struggle, in fact, my daughter enjoys practicing on her own and making up her own music. This can only happen under the tutorship of an encouraging teacher that makes her students feel confident. Monica moves at the pace that the child needs whether it's slow and beginner level or a more intense advanced level. We definitely recommend Monica as a piano teacher. We drive 40 minutes to see her! How much does that tell you about her?


Monica is warm, kind, patient and always positive.  She has a great style of leadership and seems to know exactly what her students need in order to excel.  She takes her time to ensure that the students understand the material before moving onto new material.  We greatly appreciate her style of teaching, confidence, and attitude.  I get the sense that Monica really seems to enjoy teaching children.  It makes for a wonderful experience.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.


Lenora & Arabella

  “My son and daughter started taking piano group lesson with Ms. Monica at around 4 years old, and eventually switched over to private lessons.  In both group lesson and private lesson settings, Ms. Monica was assertive as well as patient providing a positive and nurturing environment.  Her group lessons were fun, energetic, and well planned.  For private lessons, she tailored lessons to fit my children’s needs and attention span, which I personally found very helpful.  My son, who cannot sit still for 30 minutes, was able to learn solid foundation from Ms. Monica.  My daughter, who needs a bit longer time to learn her pieces, but with Ms. Monica’s guidance, she was able to learn them at the end with confidence.  Thanks to Ms. Monica, both of my kids enjoyed their piano lessons for the past three years; she is a great teacher and mentor.”

~Lam Lu

Monica is an amazing teacher.  First and foremost, she emphasizes the joy of music, knowing it is the key to motivation and learning.  She goes with where the student wants to go in his/her path along the joy-of-music road, which is not always linear.


Ms. Monica has been a wonderful teacher. We began with group lessons when my daughter was 5 and transitioned into private lessons at 6. Ms. Monica teaches all aspects of the music in a warm and supportive context. My daughter, who is now 7, has learned to count, pay attention to dynamics, sing the music, and also transpose. She really enjoys the piano and listening to her own playing, and I attribute that entirely to Ms. Monica's ability to teach all aspects of the music while being incredibly kind.  


Monica has been a wonderful piano teacher for my 7-year-old daughter. She is very patient and kind. I am amazed at how much my daughter has learned and improved in the past 4 years. We would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a piano instructor!

~Pei Chi

  Monica is very kind and patient. My 5 year old is doing great, and comes home and teaches her little sister what Monica has taught her.

  ~Jessica Little


  Monica is wonderful with young beginners and advanced students. My 9yr old is making great progress this year!

  ~Sharon Lowery

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